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* Denotes Upcoming Releases
To Spain with LoveTillie TunesScore Only
Haunted or Humored Dark Ride RecordsScore Only
The CoreIntradaScore Only
*Jennifer 8La La Land RecordsScore Only
Black TulipTwin Light RecordsScore & Songs
The Rum DiaryLakeshore RecordsScore & Songs
When In RomePromoScore Only
UninvitedLakeshoreScore Only
Love HappensLa La Land RecordsScore Only
CreationLakeshoreScore Only
Drag Me to HellLakeshoreScore Only
Invaders from MarsIntradaScore Only
Max and Helen/The OasisBSX RecordsScore Only
Lucky YouPromoScore Only
In Too Deep RevisitedPromoScore Only
Something the Lord MadeBSX RecordsScore Only
Scenes of the Crime/Child's PlayPromoScore Only
Unfinished Life Piano SuitesBSX RecordsScore Only
SleepwalkingLakeshoreScore Only
UntraceableLakeshoreScore Only
SpeciesIntradaScore Only
Spiderman 3PromoScore Only
BanditsPromoScore Only
Bats 21VareseScore Only
Big KahunaVareseScore & Songs
Bless the ChildGNP CrescendoScore Only
Christopher Young Vol. 1PromoThemes from 19 Movies 1982-1995
Cinema Septet Disc 1 American Harvest Last Flight Out Sparkle Road (AKA: Jersey Girl)
Disc 2 Invaders from Mars (Orchestral) Minstrel’s Song, The Trick or Treat Vietnam War Stories
IndradaScore Suites Only
Copy CatMilanScore & Songs
The CorePromoScore Only
Country BearsPromoScore Only
The Dark HalfVareseScore Only
Def Con 4: Avenging Angel Telephone TormentIntradaScore Suites Only
Devil and Daniel WebsterPromoScore Only
Dream LoverKoch ScreenScore Only
EntrapmentRestlessScore Only
Exorcism of Emily RoseLakeshore RecordsScore Only
Flowers in the AtticIntradaScore Only
The Fly 2VareseScore Only
Ghost RiderVareseScore Only
The GiftWill Records/ Lakeshore RecordsScore Only
The GiftWill Records/ Lakeshore RecordsSongs & 2 Score Cues
The Glass HouseVareseScore Only
The GrudgeVareseScore Only
The Grudge 2VareseScore Only
Hard RainMilanScore & 1 Song
Head Above WaterIntrada (Promo)Score Only
Haunted Summer: HauntingsSilva ScreenScore Only Piece
HellraiserSilva Screen (Europe) Cinedisk (America) Polydor (Japan)Score Only Score Only Score Only
Hellbound (Hellraiser II): HighpointGNP CrescendoScore Only Score Only
Hider in the HouseIntradaScore Only
HurricaneMCAScore & 1 Song
HurricaneMCASongs & 1 Score Suite
HushIntrada (Promo)Score Only
In Too DeepVareseScore Only
In Too DeepColumbia/SonyScore & 1 Song
Invaders from Mars (electronic): Holy Matrimony Oasis (AKA Savage Hunger)EdelScore Only
Jennifer 8MilanScore & Songs
Judas Kiss: “The Butler Symphony Live Orchestra Concert” Copycat Getting Even Hellraiser/Hellbound SpeciesCitadelScore Only Chase Helicopter Suites End Title
Judicial ConsentIntradaScore Only
Lucky YouVareseScore Only
Madison Themes by Christopher YoungVareseScore & Songs
Man Who Knew Too Little, TheBay CitiesScore Only
Max & Helen: Koku-ryu MassesPromoScore Only Piece Piece
Murder at 1600La Bande SonScore Only
Murder in the FirstVareseScore Only
A Nightmare on Elmstreet 2 (Includes score to Part 1)VareseScore Only
Best of Nightmare on ElmstreetIntrada6 Cues Only
Norma Jean & MarilynCerberusScore Only
The PowerCitadelScore Only
Pranks (New CD release)CitadelScore Only
Pranks (AKA The Dorm that Dripped Blood)CitadelScore Only
Rapid FireVareseScore Only
RoundersVareseScore Only
Runaway JuryVareseScore Only
Set It OffVareseScore & 1 Song
Set It Off: “Up Against the Wind”PromoScore Only
ShadeIntradaScore Only
The Shipping NewsMilan RecordsScore Only
SpeciesPromoScore Only
Sweet NovemberPromoScore Only
SwordfishPromoScore Only
SwordfishSireSongs & 2 Remixed Cues
Tales From the HoodPromoScore Only
The TowerIntradaScore Only
U-Boat: The Wolf Pack: Getting Even Wheels of Fire (AKA Desert Warrior)CerberusScore Only
Unfinished LifeVareseScore Only
UnforgettablePromoScore Only
Urban LegendPromoScore Only
Urban LegendMilanSongs & 2 Score Suites
The VagrantIntradaScore Only
VirtuosityPromoScore Only
Wonder BoysPromoScore Only