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Dear Friends,

I am pleased to announce that I have put together on my own label 3 CD’s which are a representation of various film scores I have worked on over the past few years.

The first CD titled “Haunted or Humored” represents 6 different scores which I have worked on, from a comedy to a thriller / horror.

“To Spain with Love” started as unused material I composed for a film called “Ask The Dust” which I have expanded and written new music in a Spanish style. I dedicate this CD to all the wonderful people I have met in Spain over the years.

As a special “Thank You” to anybody that buys both of these CD’s I will be shipping as a bonus a CD with the score from a movie that I worked on last year called “Black Tulip”, this was the first movie to have come out of Afghanistan in many years. There are many native Afghan instruments used in the recoding of the score. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these CD’s.

Your friend